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Ideal Web Hosting for Students and Small Projects

Do you need a place to test your projects? Get on our student plan to run your small projects and blogs until you are ready to go big.

pdesigns cloud student offer

Fast shared hosting for small projects and blogs.

We created this plan with student and beginner projects in mind

Buy more resources as and when it becomes necessary. You can cancel anytime.

pdesigns cloud cheap web hosting
Student Basic Plan
Upgrade or Cancel with ease.
Host 1 Website
Free Sub Domain
500MB Disk Space
20GB Monthly Bandwidth
2 Subdomains
Free Control Panel
No Support

Renewable every 6 or 12 Months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web hosting is hosting a website in a shared environment. By providing the necessary support and technology, your website's file system, platform, and resources are conserved by your web host. Most web hosts offer domain purchases that allow you to give your website a unique name. Finally, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, a web host allows you to display your website's content on the World Wide Web. Finally, affordable web hosting offers the opportunity to share creative thoughts and ideas from individuals to businesses hosted on the Internet!

We offer our customers unlimited storage space in a shared hosting environment without sacrificing speed and performance. Fixed disk capacity is when each customer is assigned a certain amount of server resources, with limits set to ensure that they are not exceeded. This limits the long-term and overall growth of your site. The benefits of unlimited storage are self-explanatory. Your hosting provider manages the load balancing of resources on each server. This allows each customer to utilize ample resources without sacrificing speed and performance.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to be flexible with your budget regarding the options available. InterServer offers standard web hosting packages with unlimited storage, transfer and email. We meet the needs of approximately 99% of our customers. Typical websites we host are bloggers, small business owners, e-commerce websites, etc. Some websites eventually become so popular that they exhaust their allotted resources in shared hosting environments and move to cloud VPS or dedicated servers. It requires an upgrade and is usually more costly, but usually indicates a good reason. Your site is growing! Benefits include hosting in a more private environment and improved speed, load times, and reliability. If you feel your needs exceed the requirements of shared web hosting, please contact us. We will discuss the best option for you.

We know that cost is often an important factor in purchasing decisions. However, one of your main focuses when buying web hosting should be an in-depth review of your company's support offerings. Depends on how smooth it is. Other important factors to consider:
Whether the account has a finite resource limit. B. Limited disk space, transmissions, and domains that significantly affect website performance. Also, do you offer different one-click installs for different scripts? B. Is WordPress the most used CMS? How advanced are their security features? Do you offer automated software that detects patches that may contain malware? Finally, read the fine print to avoid being locked into long-term contracts with hidden fees.

A domain is like owning property. Many people categorize it as a way of distinguishing between ownership and identity on the web. Simply put, a domain is a unique name that can be assigned to her website. Domains can be purchased outside of a web hosting company or provider, and the two domains work independently. Owning a powerful and coveted domain represents a solid asset or investment. It is often valued over time as the origin of your online brand or business name. It is essentially the essence of your brand and how you make a name for yourself on the web.Some webmasters spend a good deal of time finding popular domains to buy as a long-term investment. increase. Web hosting is designed to ensure that your data is secure, easily accessible, and always online. A domain is another entity. Domain ownership can also be purchased just to own a domain name. To tie the two together, a website's web host provider typically assigns nameservers. You can enter this at your domain registrar/website. This allows the internet to know that a domain is associated with your website!

You deserve a safe and reliable space to deploy your idea

Caching Engine

Store frequently requested files and deliver them to your visitor's browser in milliseconds for faster page response.


Powered by MariaDB and optimized for read-heavy workloads typical of WordPress, MySQL continues to improve performance.

Apache + NGINX

Specially optimized for WordPress to make your website load faster and be more responsive.


Get rid of a lot of the additional time that it takes to establish a new connection for each request.

PHP Version Selector

Switch between PHP7.x or 8.x on a per website site basis, helping you maintain compatibility with older versions of WordPress, plugins or themes.

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Shared Hosting

This is a cost-effective solution for small businesses and individual website owners who do not need the full power and resources of a dedicated server. However, because the resources are shared, this type of hosting can be less reliable than other types.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Web hosting that is specifically designed for WordPress websites. It includes features and tools that are designed to make it easy to manage a WordPress website, including automatic updates, security features, and performance enhancements.

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